29 March – 3 April


A quick round-up from the patches. I’m hoping its the calm before the storm… with probably one of my last visits to the River for a few months and spring stuff arriving at Walthamstow.


I saw a nice Male Wheatear and some Sand Martins before leaving for Hong Kong on the 17th of March and since returning have had more of the latter, a couple of Swallows, lots of singing Chiff Chaffs, Black caps and a few Willow Warblers at Walthamstow on my pre-work morning walks, The above female Wheatear was one of two on the Lockwood on the 29th.




Little Ringed Plovers (above) are being seen regularly on the drained number 4 and 5 reservoirs which have also held Ruff, Grey Plover, Ringed Plover and Black-Tailed Godwit amoung a few more regularly seen local waders like Redshank and Common  and Green Sandpipers over the past couple of weeks. A walk round with DB, PW, LC, SW and LB produced a drake Gargeney on the West Warwick also on the 29th.


Fast forward to this weekend and sunday mid morning was spent at the O2. Myself RB,DS, DJ and MH enjoyed a single adult Yellow Leg (above) and some nice Lesser Black Backs but thats about it. the lack of Black-Heads meant the large gulls were resistant to come to the bread, so stayed pretty distant.


2cy Lesser Black-backed Gull


Bright adult Lesser Black- Backed


Very broadly notched wing coverts on this Great Black-Backed Gull. Striking bird in flight and on the deck.

V87A0011 copy

Dante and I spent the afternoon walking around Walthamstow, only to have a Red Kite and 2 White Wags on the Lockwood (above).

This Morning I had a 2 singing Willow Warblers and very little else. However there were two Cettis Warblers singing in close proximity to one another. Often at the same time overlapping in phrases one of which was very showy and allowed me to get quite close.





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