27 April – 8 May

This period has seen the mass arrival of Common Swifts to Walthamstow as well as a few more waders coming through with Paul Watts finding a Turnstone on the East Warwick island that stayed for a couple of days and I had 3 Greenshank on the morning of the 3rd.  Arctic Terns are being seen also, I had one on the morning of the third and saw six this evening that Lol had found this pm. I also had my first patch Hobby of the year back on the 4th.





A trip to Crossness with Rich Bonser on the 6th got us some wader action with a nice pair of Bar-Tailed Godwits and a small flock of Grey plover headed east.



A couple of Loaves were thrown on the river at Thamesmead and who should appear but X090! An east German ringed Caspian Gull that Dante and I had back in Novemeber at Thames Barrier Park. It looks much much nicer now , a real stunner.




There are certainly many more 2cy Lesser Black-backs about.


Some are totally beautfiul, this 2cy from the 02 on Sunday with some moulted wing coverts.


Yellow-Legged Gulls are still hanging around the Thames, this 3cy was one of 3 seen on Sunday



Also noted were 2 Caspian Gulls. One of which was ‘Ring Piece’ a 2cy bird that I’ve seen here back in Feburary and a new bird (below) An extremely German looking bird with heavily marked scaps and a dark underwing despite the replaced coverts tail pattern and greater coverts there seems to be some hybridness going on here so if may not be included in our total for the season. This bird was seen at Rainham on the same day by young Dante.



Author: Jamie Partridge

Birding South East Kent: Langdon Hole to South Foreland

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