9 -19 May, Walthamstow


Still some waders moving through the patch. Mike M found this Turnstone on the Lockwood on the 10th, seems to be a different bird to the previous, very Tame also.


I had a Dunlin on the 11th and Paul and I had 3 Sanderling fly south down the Lockwood on the 16th.



Swallows are still going through and a pair on the Riding stables seem to be back for the thrird year in a row, they must be the most central breeders in London.


Lots of fledglings like the above Long Tailed Tit have appeared recently.   Rain over night on the 14th must have brought down this Spotted Flycatcher, only my second ever in spring it was briefly calling and flycatching in the willows on the path between number 1 and 2 – a spot that also currently hosts 2 singing Garden Warblers.



I watched this Jay burying monkey nuts in the recently planted ‘flower meadows’, not a species that I have really photographed before but great to watch in the open and worth the ‘dead leg’ from crouching behind a make shift hide for 10 mins as it went about its business.


Tomorrow I fly to inverness on the first part of my trip to the Outer Hebs. More to follow!




Author: Jamie Partridge

Birding South East Kent: Langdon Hole to South Foreland

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