East Siberian Wagtail (Moticilla. Alba. Ocularis) Accepted by EBRC.

Last month I got an email letting me know that that the ‘Ocularis’ White Wagtail I found in Abu Dhabi last November was accepted by the Emirates Bird Records Committee 5-0. Its the first record of this sub-species for the UAE, Middle East and Greater Western Palaearctic which I’m very happy about it! Another record since (an adult in Cyrpus) will surely be accepted and will represent the first real western pal record.  The write up was printed in this months Dutch Birding too!

m.a.ocularis Saadyat island beach golf course Jamie Partridge 7.11.17




Above – Saadyaat Beach Golf Course. Below – 2cy ‘Ocularis’ White Wagtails, Both taken in  Hong kong, first pic taken by Matthew Kwan and the second my myself earlier this year.

1st w ocularis Hong Kong


Read the whole write up that Bird guides featured here