A triple Honey Buzzard day

Quite an unprecedented day for me and Honey Buzzards today. The weather was warm and the winds were light and from the South east. I was Down in Dover visiting a friend for a walk and picked up a HB over his garden in west Dover, F’ing and blinding whilst running to get my bins and camera and by the time I was looking at it again there were two!  A female and a very smart male. I watched the birds gaining height perhaps 1km inland from the port of Dover for a couple of minutes and eventually the they departed in separate directions with the male heading west and the female North east.




Fast forward a couple of hours and myself Amy and our friends were walking at low tide between Shakespeare beach and Samphire hoe when the Gulls started going crazy and I Looked up to see another point blank HB getting mobbed 25 metres above my Head!



Another scrabble to get my camera out whilst the bird fled the corvid + Larid attack. just fresh ‘in off’. Welcome to England.


It must have been a decent day for Honey Buzzards with another 3/4 seen across Kent today. Other things of note were 9 Crossbills east, a singing Black Redstart and many cliff nesting house martins at the base of the cliffs along the coast. A great day.