Glaucous Gull Leyton Tip


A last minute decision to check the gulls at the tip this afternoon and I got lucky. The first bird I saw even before I had got my bins and Camera out was this juv Glaucous Gull.


Unbelievable really, it’s just one day under a year since I saw one here on Jan 29th 2017 and before that there hadn’t been one for 20 odd years! Photography and views through a tight linked fence but not the worst in the world.



A cat and a grey heron turned up just as i snuck inside the fencing, the combination of all that flushed the birds. Below is a shot of the rubbish pile itself, not exactly pitsea land fill but still attracts the birds. 


Patch Little Bunting! and Crayford Gulls

On Friday 19th of January Paul W and David B quite brilliantly found a Little Bunting on the patch. Its the first record for the site and the 11th for London. Very Well done boys.

(Poor pics on this post everything was far away and the crappy light.) Dante and I got there first thing on Saturday. Its a spot with wildflowers seeded last spring that have gone over for winter but present good feeding opportunities for Reed buntings, Chaffinch linnets etc. They occasionally fly up out of cover into the Elder and Buddleia and this is where most people are seeing the Little Bunting. However Dante picked it out feeing on the mud away from the small crowd of 20 or so birders. If it hadn’t have been raining so hard id have had my camera out and you’d now be looking at some decent photos but the below shot will have to do. This was taken today when Dante and I came back with Rich for seconds.  We also heard the bird calling quite abit which was nice. 


Before the bunting today we called in at Crayford. with ‘our’ section of the Thames being so poor Rich has been checking this site more often and theres been a few nice Caspian Gulls as well a Juv Iceland Gull.





I like Gull sites like this, and don’t mind the distance, sites where the birds are feeding and then flying off to bathe and loaf with lots of turn over are great, the sound is much more exciting too lots of calling and feels like you could find something really decent. 

1st Winter Caspian, Dungeness


With a lack of Caspian Gulls on our part of the I thought I’d share these pics of a rather nice Caspian Gull from last weekend with old @Beachybirder.  I’m pretty sure it was Martin C, Rich, Dante and Josh who were the first to have this bird by the fishing boats mid December and its still there now, eager to be at the front of the bread queue.  It was the only casp we saw that day but Glaucous, Iceland, YellowLeggedMediterranean, Kittiwake and the usuals put gull species day-count at 11.