2 x Snaresbrook Casps

I made an effort to go and look at the regular and returning Caspian Gull (now in it’s 6th calendar yr) at Eagle pond Snaresbrook today. As I arrived, with a loaf of bread or two, I could see what I thought was the bird towards the back with the naked eye, as soon as I threw some bread the original adult flew in calling from the other end and I realised the first bird I’d seen was an apparently ‘new’ 3rd winter bird.

Above, alongside the returning adult. It’s almost certainly a bird seen last year, as a 2nd winter, by Josh and Dante and also close by on Wanstead flats by Tony Brown. I recognise the head shape, nice delicate structure and it being quite a streaky bird, these points remain notable into its 3rd winter. Mad to think there will be 2 returning adults here in a couple years. they were the ONLY large gulls on the pond today, pretty cool. Adult below.

Heres a few Caspian gulls from various Thames sites since I came back from Scilly in late October, enjoy!

Sub adult, late October – hence still growing p10.

First winter, December

Advanced first winter, December

First winter, December