22/03/22 Serin!

A light SSE breeze met me as I climbed the cliff path first thing and my walk Eastwards was punctuated by 3 Black Redstart and a Woodcock in Langdon Hole.

2 White Wagtails flew along the cliffs east of Fan bay but the highlight of the day was a singing Serin in the old light house garden just after 9am.

Unfortunately it was into the light and hard to pin down but it was a joy to hear fully singing initially alongside Goldfinches and then solo. A few of its distinctive calls were heard as it moved further away to the limit of my hearing, where it gave a final few bursts of its high pitched squeezed-out song, I didnt hear it again after that. Bizarrely it was 150 metres from where the other 2 Serin I have seen on the headland have been.

Further searching for the Serin led me along lighthouse down where a Woodlark flew over Colin J and I calling at Height and to the North East , my second of the spring. Up to 4 Brambling including a nice male calling from a corn bunting style perch (one of last yea’s umbellifers) in the middle of a field. Also 4 Red Kites came south over the valley, these were seen again over the farm half an hour later, then another 2 came in low above the cliffs as I traipsed back home.

I keep forgetting to mention I had 2 Bottlenosed dolphins from the headland last week, the only other Cetaceans Ive seen here being harbour porpoise.

Author: Jamie Partridge

Birding South East Kent: Langdon Hole to South Foreland

One thought on “22/03/22 Serin!”

  1. It would be wonderful to see photographs of the Dolphins….The above photographs are brilliant. Thank you…


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