Adult Bonaparte’s Gull, Erith

The Sunday before last I was driving away from a fairly quiet morning gulling in the Crayford area when I got a text from Dante, “We just found a Bonies, Erith Pier” my heart sunk as i couldn’t go and see the bird and having been there myself at low tide that morning I’d have loved to have been there for the find. Hey ho, and very happy for Rich and Dante picking it up on call! Today was the first chance I’ve had to go ad see it and despite it not been reported for over a week it came to bread at the end of the pier and performed a treat, often being the closest bird and calling on a few occasions.  A truly wonderful bird.




Strong sunlight gave the bird an alien impression when flying into the light, very distinctive translucency in the wing.


Other than that I’ve seen a couple of Caspian Gulls since the last blog post. below a pic of the Polish regular p:985 from Crayford.


…and below some shots from Erith a week a so ago. Firstly German Ringed Caspian from Laßig colony (quite a nice German bird)




Followed by this nice 2nd winter which seems to be new to the area.



and this slim dark 1st winter Casp, which has been seen at Crayford before.



Finally a big ol’ 1w Yellow-Legged Gull. 




Author: Jamie Partridge

Birding South East Kent: Langdon Hole to South Foreland

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