09/05/21 Golden Oriole

Wide awake at 04.50 this am with the promise of southerlies and some rain. The headland was fairly quiet but a few hours into my morning’s birding (at around 08.15) I heard a Golden Oriole singing from the old windmill garden just East of South Foreland Lighthouse.

Moments before hearing it I was sheltering from a heavy rain, thunder and lightening, evocative stuff and A much anticipated find for me on the patch. The bird moved closer towards me and the volume increased. A few minutes later Lucy L joined me, she had heard the bird too from her house nearby. I glimpsed it moving through the canopy briefly; a bright male and heard it once again after that, then nothing.

Other birds of note were 5 Yellow Wagtails over, a Summer Plumage Black throated diver that flew East high above the horizon, c25 Swallows, 10 House Martins, a Firecrest was calling in top wood, 2 Wheatear a Red Kite East over the castle and 2 Lesser Redpolls were flying around together first thing.

Author: Jamie Partridge

Birding South East Kent: Langdon Hole to South Foreland

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