Some strong winds, plumbing nightmares and family visits have kept me from the headland recently but I’m pleased to report that Autumn’s trickle of migrants continues to trickle with the arrival of Willow Warblers since the 29th for me.

Willow Warbler

Several Cuckoo seen by others, up to 4 Yellow Wagtails today and Wheatears in 1s and 2s on each visit. A BBQ with friends near the harbour on the evening of the 24th was punctuated by a Great White Egret flying in from far out to sea to the south and almost over our heads, continuing towards Aycliffe, no photographs but looked impressive as it defended itself from mobbing gulls with brielfy outstretched neck .

A second trip out during the day today saw a steady stream of gulls coming in along the cliffs from the East, the best of which were 2 juvenile YellowLegged Gulls. I’d like to pick up a juvenile Caspian Gull in that situation in the coming weeks.

Juv Yellow-Legged Gull

In Butterfly news Small Blues seem to be making an appearance in good numbers around the cliff top closest to the lighthouse. Im still seeing a Dark Green fritillary between my garden and the cliff path, Clouded yellows can be seen in small numbers near the farm, Chalkhill Blues everywhere and a Brown Argus today, some pics below.

Small Blue
Brown Argus
Clouded Yellow

Its August tomorrow, and although Im away in France with work for the first 10 days I look very much forward to long warm birdy days.

Author: Jamie Partridge

Birding South East Kent: Langdon Hole to South Foreland

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