10/11/21 Hawfinches and White-tailed Eagle

Another great morning up on the cliffs with significant birds for me here, this has been an excellent week!

Damp, dark and overcast with the continuing NW wind a little stronger today. Very Little in Langdon again and nothing to report untill I reached the valley where I picked up a Hawfinch calling as it flew towards the lighthouse.

Into the light but a bird that I’ve been hoping to find here. I could still hear it calling a few minutes later, presumed it to be perched up and whilst scanning for it in the tree tops I had 2 more fly high in the direction of st Margarets. A beautifully subtle and silvery call.

Whilst walking back home to begin work on the house I bumped into Steve R and whilst chatting this monstrous Whitetailed Eagle came along the cliffs over the harbour field at Langdon!

It headed inland towards the north after initially heading towards Dover, Raven’s in pursuit and every Gull in the area going berserk.

It looks like it has a radio tag, so likely form the Ilse of Wight release programme but hopefully i’ll have more info this evening. An exciting bird to see either way.

Author: Jamie Partridge

Birding South East Kent: Langdon Hole to South Foreland

2 thoughts on “10/11/21 Hawfinches and White-tailed Eagle”

  1. Jamie,
    The white-tailed eagle was G463 – the one that crossed into France after touring Kent in the spring. Roy Dennis issued a tweet today saying it had crossed the channel today.


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