13/08/22 Autumn HB season begins

A light South Easterly and 26 degrees by 7am made for some decent birding today. Langdon hole held a Pied Flycatcher, feeding on the path in the second valley, a Tree pipit over and a Whinchat was along the fence at the memorial pull-in.

Another 2/3 Whinchat between fanbay and southforeland where a pied fly was still in the NW end of the wood and a Ring tailed harrier briefly quartered the stubble field between the coppices. Distance, dreadful heathaze and brief views delayed me in figuring out it was as suspected a Hen Harrier. It Showed again and flew into cover near Wanstone farm and wasn’t seen to fly out. Id imagine a bird from Calais, where they are easy to see and breed in the giant farmland landscapes over there.

The star of the show came just after midday as I walked back home via upper/reach road: a Female Honey Buzzard, picked up low coming straight for me from the direction of Langdon cliffs.

It flew low over the top fields and circled right over head before continuing on due North. Very much what they do in spring and even on the exact kind of weather. Isnt it time some of them were leaving!

Turnstone, Greenshank and Golden Plover were all heard over the patch today aswell.

Author: Jamie Partridge

Birding South East Kent: Langdon Hole to South Foreland

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