11/09/22 Short-toed Eagle!

A still and serene morning with a very light SE wind and the best hirundine numbers of the year so far took a funny turn just around midday when Rich Bonser and myself had a Short Toed Eagle fly East over the fields inland from Wanstone farm. (pics by RB)

My initial thoughts, as the bird approached were that an Osprey was coming our way but we quickly started talking about Short-Toed Eagle and both went into abit of a state of shock. A moment was spent trying to talk our way out of it being one, which could not be done.

We spoke to some friends before sharing the news, a useful and sobering thing to do before putting out such a rarity! A First for Kent and sixth record for Britain; a monster bird really and a significant co-find for both of us.

15 minutes later A juvenile Honey Buzzard came in from the East and flew West whilst we stood in the same spot, overshadowed by what had come before but still fantastic, my first Juvenile here on the patch.

We walked back to Langdon in a daze, the reality setting in still and counted 7 Whinchats and a Pied fly.

Author: Jamie Partridge

Birding South East Kent: Langdon Hole to South Foreland

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