11/11/22 Pallas’s Warbler

The constant & strong SW winds have ground me down somewhat and with little to report this blog has been unchanged for nearly 2 weeks. Waking up again to the sound of wind whistling down the between our house and the cliff I decided to start my search at the very far end of the patch: the ever-sheltered South Foreland valley.

I drove, which is a rare occurrence, and as I walked up the track to the start of the valley, I came across a tit flock moving across the track containing several Goldcrests plus a Firecrest and as I pished I heard the little “cork pulled from a wine bottle-squeak” of a Pallas’s Warbler, which then appeared right in front of me.

My best and most prolonged views of the species in this country and perhaps the most vocal individual I’ve known. It eventually performed for a small crowd after relocating it down in the Pines garden.

Favouring a Beech hedge bordering some gardens the bird fed at lower levels but did also flit about in some sycamores.

Some decent weather ahead for the weekend or at least some lighter winds!

Author: Jamie Partridge

Birding South East Kent: Langdon Hole to South Foreland

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