Back to Reality… 10 – 16 Oct


With the Scillies just behind me, I struggled to motivate myself on the patch, despite the fact that I enjoy vis-migging and there are Hawfinches everywhere, even in London, I just haven’t got it together before work.


I spent from midday Saturday till practically dusk on the River, 7 Yellow Legged Gulls were present at Thames Barrier park.



at around 3pm Dante and Rich arrived after successfully twitching the Rock Thrush in Wales and before too long a 1st winter Caspian Gull appeared right in front of us in the bread mele (as they sometimes just do!)


X841 was ringed in may this year in the same site as previous east German birds we’ve seen here and at Dungeness; X307 , x090 , x309  X319 and is one of the better looking birds especially the greater coverts and Scapulars, perhap the high forecrown lets it down abit but im being picky. see below for info.



Earlier in the week I had a pair of Stones Chats in the bomb-crater field on Walthamstow Marsh, probably here for the winter, a welcome addition to the patch year list and were photogenic in the warm sun of Sunday.



Sunday’s Gulls drew abit of a blank bar a handful of Yellow Legs at the O2, in cluding this fairly subtle bird. The headstreaking resembles Herring at this time of year, but all else points to Yellow-Legged.



The crowds that came to oggle at a sunbathing seal didnt take too well to my throwing bread all over the place.


Author: Jamie Partridge

Birding South East Kent: Langdon Hole to South Foreland

One thought on “Back to Reality… 10 – 16 Oct”

  1. just found out how to comment of this post, keep up the excellent work buddy, working in Liverpool at moment so your gull information is just ace


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