Spring at Long Point, Ontario. Part 3-Vireos, Grosbeaks, Tanagers and Cuckoos


I keep thinking Im almost done with Long Point images and then I remember something like Scarlet Tanager or Philly Vireo, how could I leave them out? Im trying to be brief for my own sake (although I know i’ll look back at these posts fondly) THE VIREOS were excellent birds to watch, with most encounters providing prolonged views of birds sometimes stationary for lengths of time.  The most common were Blueheaded and Warbling Vireos, followed by smaller numbers of Philadelphia  and smaller still (perhaps only 5)  Redeyed and Yellow Throated, Whiteeyed were seen by others but not me.  Again a great range of personality, colour, subtlety and expressions aswell as both bizarre calls and sweet tuneful songs.


Blue-headed Vireo


Warbling Vireo


Yellow throated Vireo


Philadelphia Vireo

alas, no shots of Red-eyed Vireos but they were probably the most exciting to watch. There was very little on the trip that didnt get me going and the OTHER PASSERINES, were no exception. It was very nice to catch up with Rosebreasted Grosbeaks, particularly the females, and I certainly appreciated seeing them in context, made me like them even more, their ‘squeaky shoe’ call was often heard.


Scarlet Tanagers were shocking things to look at, I had a high count of 15 one day and some were very approachable.


We had both Black and Yellow-billed Cuckoos within 20 mins of each other and that was pretty much all we saw of them.



Expect the next post to be everything else in a ‘last but no least’ style.




Author: Jamie Partridge

Birding South East Kent: Langdon Hole to South Foreland

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