17/11/21 4th Hen Harrier

Finally a day without thick cloud cover. Another light NW wind, which Im seeing more and more to be a good wind for the site. 4 Black Redstarts including an excellent male were along the undercliff at Langdon, 6 Grey Partridges flew out of cover near the harbour field and as I walked the cliff edge just east of the hole, a new Hen Harrier appeared along the cliffs.

Quite pale, peachy underparts which very briefly gave me a fright as I picked it up, although its an obvious Hen Harrier and appears to be a juv female. Different still from the other 3 birds in the last 2 weeks. It circled and flew out to sea just East of the port.

A Ring Ouzel was in Fan bay for the 2nd day running and just as I got to the lighthouse I heard the (currently very) familiar call of a Snow bunting out over the sea to the East; a female came in and flew around the lighthouse briefly before continuing West.

A Firecrest was all the valley had to offer really although c35 Redpolls and c50 Siskins (over 100 yesterday) flew both East and West whilst I walked around.

A pair of Snow Buntings announced themselves as I walked past the old airstrip at Reach road, Landing on the fence occasionally. Presumably there are several birds moving around the greater area as Im hearing and seeing them in differing numbers most days.

Author: Jamie Partridge

Birding South East Kent: Langdon Hole to South Foreland

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