24/11/21 Pallas’s Warbler !

My last bash around the headland for almost a fortnight today as I’m working away until early December from tomorrow. I woke to more gloomy skies but gladly a very light NW wind. A Black Redstart greeted me as I made my way up the cliff path and as I checked the vertical chalk cliff faces (as I do everyday at the moment) I counted up another 3. Fast forward to the valley and I was noticing numbers of Goldcrests for the first time this autumn, probably 10 between the bottom path and the hollow wood. Im currently checking the spot where I came across the Radde’s warbler in early November everyday and whilst doing so today, a bright and beautiful Pallas’s warbler flitted infront of me between a dense privet and a conifer. My first look at it was head-on in all its glory. Views were really enjoyable but it moved about abit, as they do, and in the low light photos were hard work so I only took a few.

I saw it 2 more times in the strip of varied cover along Sea view road. It fed low down mostly and called sporadically whilst on show.

Another fantastic phyllosc to add to the list that have turned up in that small area this november. This bird follows a report of one present 9 days ago but despite 4/5 people looking at the time, and me checking everyday since hasn’t been seen. I like to think the obvious arrival of Goldcrests might have something to do with todays bird, but but who knows.

Author: Jamie Partridge

Birding South East Kent: Langdon Hole to South Foreland

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